How Digital Signage Can Help You Increase Sales and Connect with Customers (New Balance, Foot Locker)

Digital signage is found in more and more businesses today, and you would likely have seen it in retail shops and along main street. It encompasses a variety of electronic displays, everything from advertisements in Times Square to electronic menus outside restaurants. There are various ways in which a business can use the technology for their needs: providing news and information for visitors, as a “salesperson” to promote products to passing shoppers, or activities to keep bored children entertained in a shopping mall.

How Can a Business Use Digital Signage?

The main aim for any business investing in digital signage will be to earn additional revenue. The technology can act as a form of direct sales by educating customers about what options are available in store, including any current offers. Upselling is an ideal method of earning additional revenue and can be done by providing customers with information about similar but higher-priced items, or items that can be added, perhaps bundling them together in special offers. If yours is a larger retail store or brick-and-mortar business, it can also help customers find what they are looking for and act as a form of help desk.

Analyse Potential Drawbacks

Before making any business investment, it is important that you consider potential drawbacks. This is the same for digital signage. Some cons:

  • This is generally not a cheap method of advertising in terms of initial outlay. However, there is a trend for retailers buying standard TV screens and implementing touchscreens onto them as a cheaper alternative.
  • Return on investment can be a tricky concept to analyse — unless you build in tracking codes for when people buy directly from the screen.
  • The system will be out there in the open and put under regular strain with the threat of screen damage and repair costs.
  • If your business prioritises savings on energy use, some digital signage technologies may not align with your current environmental concerns. However, more energy-efficient models are becoming available.


It’s in the Design

Design and presentation of information when using digital signage will play a major role in customer interaction, and whether or not they feel they are being aided or impeded by the technology. Important design concepts to consider include:

  • Catch the eye: This doesn’t mean overloading visitors with bright images or tons of content. A simple but effective UI is essential. Include interesting, helpful content that promotes your products and services as well as your business brand.
  • Answer questions: There is no point investing in the technology if it is merely going to be a fad item. Answer questions your customers may have about items or latest offers, and provide useful information that makes their interaction with digital signage worthwhile.
  • Call to action: You’ve got your customer in the palm of your hands — don’t lose them! Calls to action are vital in all areas of advertisement. Getting it right, offering incentives for customer to interact, and emphasising it with subtle colour through digital signage is essential.


No two retail or brick-and-mortar businesses are the same, and the marketing strategy you employ should always be unique. For digital signage, keep the following in mind:

  • Building relationships: Customers want more from businesses than just an item of clothing or similar goods. They want to form a relationship with the place they are buying from. Informing customers about your business and services, and the people who help it to function, can build affinity and form lasting relationships. Include testimonials, success stories, and reviews.
  • Goals: It may seem that putting some sale items on a digital display and including social media symbols is enough, but what do you really want to get out of the technology? Knowing the answer to this will aid design and make it better targeted.
  • Freshness: Part of building relationships with customers and them returning to your business is freshness — of items, of the shop environment, and of digital signage. Fresh content should provide new insights or concepts for customers to explore.

It’s Not Just for External Marketing

Among the most important aspects of running a business is keeping employees informed, educated, and happy. Digital signage can actually aid this process by:

  • Reaching personnel who may not often be in front of online business communications to better educate them about developments.
  • Improving culture through the promotion of employee achievements and milestones.
  • Communicating internal information that employees may otherwise feel they are not being told about, thus keeping them “in the loop” and showing they are valued.

Remember: Your Business Is Unique

One of the most important aspects of successful digital signage implementation for a business is emphasising the unique qualities of your business. This can be done by highlighting what makes your products different from the shop next door, emphasising local relations, or simply using digital signage in a clever way to make your business stand out from the crowd.


About the Author

Post by : Rob Anders

Rob Anders is the chief executive of andersDX, a user interface technology specialist dedicated to optimising the display Xperience (DX) of retail, medical, industrial, and other “non-consumer” applications.

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