Innovative Digital Signage Solution Enables Toyota to Make a Lasting Impression on Customers (ways of How Toyota impress customers)

Toyota, the world-famous Japanese automobile manufacturer, is renowned for its management philosophy and production of the world’s first mass-market hybrid vehicles.

Recognizing that the convergence of multimedia technologies is rapidly changing the delivery of marketing and advertising, Toyota Taiwan commissioned Advantech Intelligent Services to develop an eye-catching digital signage solution for displaying new product lines at their stores. This solution demonstrates Toyota’s commitment to innovation and provides a relevant brand messaging platform for communicating with customers. The presentation of dynamic digital content creates a lively in-store atmosphere.

With Advantech’s easy-to-use, cloud-based digital signage management software, WebAccess/IMM, Toyota’s IT and marketing departments canremotely edit, schedule delivery, and dispatch content to multiple client devices/stores simultaneously.


Customer Needs

  • Enhance the overall appearance of its stores
  • Promote seasonally appropriate models with a more effective method

Benefits after implementation

  • Enhances the communication efficiency between IT and Marketing departments as well as between headquarter and branch stores
  • Upgrades the appearance of its branch stores in Taiwan


System Architecture




CT is  one of the longest standing digital signage companies in Malaysia. We provide enterprise and entry-level digital signage software solutions to organisations small and large, from large media owners to colleges and charities.

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