Digital Signage as Essential Tools ( See inside for real case Eastin, Impact Arena, Watsons)

How do we connect so many locations of Digital Signage and link to our cloud server?

Our program for digital signage is cloud ready, Let’s see how we could achieve this

  1. we can sign up Windows Azure , and setup either an Windows Server Data Center Version and configure name and setup our signage program
  2. follow by setup an static domain name and ip address for windows cloud server
  3. follow by configure inbound and outbound port numbers on windows azure platform to allow users access to our web based signage program.

Come on see some of the web based user interface.

Benefits of Multi rights user and approve and reject program being set to publish.

Digital Signage as essential tools of business and every industry
Looking for digital signage in your saloon , restaurant , shopping mall , department store , schools , factory, salon and many more industry( See expo, watsons pictures)


You have more than 100 locations in the country?
we have the solution and support Windows Azure on cloud to manage your digital signage

-support Multi-location and web based program link to main server
– Support TXT(running text, all pictures format, Videos)
– Support Web plugin ( website into display)
– Scheduling and time period of program playing
– Easy to use and interactive user interface
– We do supply Different size of Digital Signage ranging from 19’inch, 43 inch, 32 inch, 65 inch and so on.
– Vivid display and Built in sound speakers
– Android Terminal Digital Signage
– WIndows Azure and Cloud Solution

C.T.Technology (PG) Sdn Bhd
Tel: +604-2630178

Can you think of any more reasons as to why you will benefit from digital signage?

Let us know via facebook

About Us

CT is  one of the longest standing digital signage companies in Malaysia. We provide enterprise and entry-level digital signage software solutions to organisations small and large, from large media owners to colleges and charities.

we covering customer from Penang to Kedah, digital Signage Solution provider for digital Signage advertisement, customers in  Terengganu, IPOH, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka,as well as Johor

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